Speck Week.

One of Jesus’ parables contains the phrase “take the log out of your own eye before you remove the speck from your brother’s eye”. Every now and again, I’d like to declare it “Speck Week”: that time where you can (ever so helpfully) point out someone else’s problems, even though your own aren’t under control.

Worse, of course, the person in the parable doesn’t notice that they have a log in their eye: they’re too busy removing the speck. Such was my weekend: great insights facing outward, completely oblivious to the inward.

So now, it’s log week (or longer)… but it’s hard to keep the effort going on my own problems: those of other people are ever more enticing. Really, though: how can I suggest any course of action to anyone unless I’m working on my own issues as well? Even if that’s just a matter of trying to work out what they are… introspection isn’t something I’m particularly well-versed in.

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