early to bed

I was reading about someone who was trying to wake up early.

First, an alarm was set, but it’s too easy just to switch the alarm off and stay asleep. Next, the alarm was moved across the room, but they worked out how to walk across the room, switch off the alarm, and go back to bed – all without waking up.

Finally, they tried a second alarm in the next room: this worked for a while, but the author then pointed out “Why didn’t they try going to bed earlier?”

If you’re like me, you wouldn’t have considered this as an option: getting up early has little to do with what time you go to bed.

Or does it?

Perhaps it’s the abundance of “you look really tired” comments, but I’m starting to wonder if perhaps going to bed early and getting up early would be worth trying: it certainly makes getting places on time easier (as our ever-patient lunch hosts on monday would appreciate, when kel and I arrived two hours late).

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