Book: Love Life for Every Married Couple

Book: Love Life for Every Married Couple

I know what you’re thinking. Another "marrieds only" Christian book, that’s going to say the same kind of things as every other book about being married that I’ve ever read. In part, you’d be right: this is another book showing advice from the bible on what it means to be a married couple, but this book is unusual.

First, it’s a book that was recommended to me by my financial adviser. Second, it’s a book written by a (medical) doctor who has a strong background in counselling, so when he talks about difficult situations in marriage, you know that he’s not just talking about someone refusing to take the garbage out. Thirdly, it’s a very practical book: how do you make your spouse feel loved? How do you keep on working at a marriage that seems like a lot of hard work? What does being a Christian have to do with being married? It’s all in here.

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