wisdom from movies?

Saw this movie a long while ago, about (and titled) The four rules:

  1. Strength needs no excuse
  2. The past is pointless
  3. Just because it happened to you does not make it interesting
  4. The things you apologize for are the things you really want

A blog isn’t really the right forum to discuss these rules, as it’s all about things that happened to me, but is there merit in any of them?

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  1. 1. i agree that strength needs no excuse (and yet my studies tend me to think that just because we have no discernable or overt excuse, doesnt mean there isnt an internal, and perhaps UNconscious one!)

    2. history teaches us that history teaches us nothing

    3. interest is more about delivery than the content. 2 ppl can deliver the same story to the same ppl and have drastically different outcomes

    4. perhaps…
    perhaps even often…

  2. Hi Dave, i have been thinking about this but just been a bit slack on writing it out. I love no.3, i am sometimes guilty of sharing stories that i think are interesting but from the look on the other person’s face, i can tell it was probably a story that falls in to this category – like our new grass. I don’t agree with no. 2 though, how do we grow as people if we don’t learn from and acknowledge our past? anyway i like that you get me thinking about things i probably wouldn’t have thought about 🙂

  3. from a Biblical Theology perspective we cant really justify the notion that the past is pointless. the cross is the centre of human history from either direction, before or after. we also have a God that has weaved meaning into things that only our perspective makes us unable to see the point.

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