Movie: Hostage

Movie: Hostage

If you’ve ever enjoyed a Bruce Willis action film, and you’re happy to watch a film that is rather violent, but a solid thriller, you’ll enjoy this one. Certainly not a romantic film, nor a comedy (although there was one scene where Bruce repeated the line of another character that had the whole cinema laughing briefly. Overall, it exceeded my (somewhat low) expectations. The less you know about the film before entering the cinema, the more you’ll enjoy it.

UPDATE: Something else to think about when you see the movie. In the opening scene, a character says "Only God has the right to choose who lives and who dies" – this is an appropriate thing for a hostage negotiator to say. Later in the film, though, the rules seem to change somewhat. How flexible is your opinion of what’s right and what’s wrong, depending on the environment you’re in?

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  1. Thanks Dave, i think Trev wants to see this movie so we will probably get there one day – we’ll take our low expections with us though. We saw Guess Who last weekend. From the previews it looked like it would be funny and just what we felt like seeing but sadly it was one of those times where all the good bits were in the preview and the rest was fairly predictable. Some laughs but still somewhat disappointing. Michelle

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