another redesign

Yes, it’s time for those who read the site using an RSS reader to open up their browsers again and take a look. This is an interim step; I still have some more ideas to implement, but it will be easier from this layout than from the last. The photo on the left is an excerpt from a photo taken at Newtown cafe "Foodarama", where kel and I had breakfast a number of Sundays ago.

Is anything broken? Is it an improvement from the design before?

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  1. Hi Dave, just to let you know it looks very wrong on my work computer….very blue and not dave like at all… is probably the dodgy computer though, i’ll check at home and let you know. Michelle

  2. Still working on the stylesheet so that it looks ok in windows / IE… the image is a PNG image, so it’s possible your browser doesn’t know how to display it… email me a screenshot?

  3. looks good (as a starting point ;-]). i reckon the blue post headers would be better if they had rounded corners and fade outs like the movie review headers have. plus this comments form doesn’t fit in the space provided for it. still, it’s good and simple, and i like simple. i like liquid too =p.

    ps. ff, 1280*1024, winxp. in case you were wondering.

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