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Last night was my turn to cook, while kel had her first relaxing evening in a long while. I thought I’d try and show her how much I appreciate all the cool dinners she’s made for me, so instead of the easy-to-prepare stir-fry, I thought I’d try cooking something more challenging.

Leaving work, I went straight to the butcher at Greenwood Plaza and asked for suggestions. He went with the usual stir fry, steak, beef stroganoff, and then suggested a rack of lamb – cook for 15 mins at 200 degrees Celsius. I dashed across to the greengrocer (also in Greenwood) and picked out some vegetables for roasting. Discussion at the checkout was less helpful, so I had no idea how long it would take to roast the vegetables.

On the way home, I SMSed Michelle to try and get more information about roasting vegetables – would kel and I be eating dinner before midnight? Disaster! Michelle wasn’t sure either, but pointed me in the direction of a cook-book that had all the answers. Once she realised I was still travelling, she even told me the cooking time for the vegetables – 40 minutes, plus preparation time.

Home at last, I grabbed the recipe and read through it. I managed to preheat the oven, tidy the kitchen, prepare the vegetables, put everything into the oven in the right order, and even do the washing up, all while everything was cooking.

The final verdict? Everything was probably a bit undercooked, but only slightly – it was certainly an enjoyable dinner, and kel even said “Now I know what it feels like to be you” – mission accomplished.

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  1. having a night as ‘dave’ was fun except instead of avoiding the kitchen (yes dave, you do) I was banned from it. he got me drinks as I requested them which was a nice touch. dinner was enjoyable and I am *really* looking forward to next time, and the time after that and….

  2. Great work Dave it looks fantastic!!

    and i can’t believe i not only got a mention on your site i have a link as well! I feel a bit special too 🙂

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