pantry organised

pantry organised It’s taken me years to get around to this, but we finally have a pantry whose organisation makes sense to both myself and my wife. And in the end, it was a matter of thinking about what little I know about cooking, and working out how to group everything together so that the […]

honey mustard chicken

honey mustard chicken I’d volunteered to cook dinner tonight, but had no idea what to cook. First-time reader Cass left a comment on an old post about cooking with chicken, and I thought “why not”? Behold, honey mustard chicken. Two brown onions, a generous amount of garlic, small amount of olive oil. About half a […]

Pink Peppercorns

We had friends stay with us last weekend, and so kel prepared a recipe – slow cooked beef – that called for pink peppercorns. In fact, we couldn’t find them for sale in the supermarket, so we settled for a tin of Green peppercorns. I’d never heard of either before. You’ve probably never thought about […]