the best sticky date pudding?

We made a special trip to Eveleigh markets this weekend to see a demo of butter-making by Pierre Issa of Pepe Saya. Like most city-folk, I’d largely assumed that butter just comes in a packet, and it’s all much the same, but if you try their butter, you’ll be able to taste the difference.

They turn 1L of cream into 400g of butter: a lactic culture is added to the cream, and then the buttermilk is washed out of the resulting mix by hand.

pepe saya at eveleigh markets

As a special thanks-for-visiting, we were given a sample dessert from their other food company – homemade finefoods. (Thanks to Ester for organising this).

This is the sticky date pudding (steamed).

Traditional sticky date pudding

And this is the vanilla pouring custard.

vanilla creme anglais

We opted to heat it up in the microwave (50 seconds on high) – it’s a little tricky to remove from the foil packaging, but it ends up looking just fine. The pouring custard takes a while to start pouring.

sticky date pudding with vanilla creme anglais

Verdict? Amazing. It’s a soft, rich, sweet pudding, beautifully complemented by the Creme Anglaise. If you have the chance to try one of these desserts, make sure you do.

As this was a free sample, I’m not sure of the actual pricing, but I’d say that there will be details available on their site before too long. In the meantime, you can follow pepesaya on twitter.

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  1. Thanks Dave for the great blog.
    The butter demo making was a real hit at Eveleigh Market. So many customers just had no idea that these days butter is often not butter and has additives. Pierre’s handmade butter tastes just fantastic and 70 butters literally just flew out the door, we ran out at the Country Valley Dairy Stall where it is sold. The butter is made from Country Valley Cream which comes from Picton (Southern Highlands) along with our yoghurts and varieties of milk regular and organic) it is all natural no gelatine and no thickners. Customers are starting to appreciate the difference of eating real natural products, you might have to pay a little bit more but it’s worth it! People can follow me on twitter @dairygoodness and John The Milkman @Country_Valley, also Merna @homemadeffoods and Mr. Butter King Pierre on @pepesaya. We are all having a great time connecting with people and chatting about the real dairy products made by Country Valley and the butter and desserts made by Pierre. We are at Eveleigh Market every Saturday selling wonderful products at reasonable prices, cheaper than most delis as well as it is direct from the Producers. Also on Sundays at Marrickville Market with a bigger variety of desserts. The butter just adds that special magic flavour on anything you eat.
    Dave was nice to see you and the family and I look forward to catching up with you all again.
    Best Wishes

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