whole bean roastery, marrickville

whole bean espresso bar and coffee roastery, marrickville

Whole Bean coffee. 38 Chapel St, Marrickville. Someone tweeted about this place, so I went to investigate. It’s been open about a month, and used as a roastery all year. The staff welcome you into their space, encourage you to sit and feel at home, and the furniture (bench style seats and big comfy armchairs) continue to keep that feeling.

whole bean roastery, marrickville

There are three grinders going at once, each of equal size, and the decaf espresso is really good – a little light on crema perhaps but very bright. Enough to persuade me to buy a bag of beans ($20 for 500g – there’s no decaf tax, which is a pleasant change). The decaf latte is well made, though I think I’d drink this particular decaf black given the choice.

vinyl - whole bean roastery, marrickville

There’s a lot of (record player) vinyl used as furnishings, and one of the two working record players takes care of the background music. Though there are no high chairs, children are certainly welcome. Recommended.

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