dinner for chan

dinner for three Originally uploaded by cafedave. Every time I cook, I seem to forget something. This time, there were two things – check the quantities before you put the ingredients together, and work out how long the different vegetables will take to cook, so that you can steam them appropriately. This means thinking about […]

mal visits

another satisfied customer Originally uploaded by cafedave. Kel’s old school friend turned up – he’s in town for a course this weekend, so he had the chance to test out my culinary skills; I subbed chicken for fish (long story), and perhaps the unit was a little more smoke-filled than I would have liked (but […]

he cooks lesson one

Click on the photo for bigger version, and to comment on it With the the failed attempt a distant memory, I arrived at lesson one of the cooking school midway through the safety talk, and was promptly offered a (light) beer: this is clearly a cooking school that understands its target market. Why was I […]

doing a lamb roast

roast Originally uploaded by cafedave. Last night was my turn to cook, while kel had her first relaxing evening in a long while. I thought I’d try and show her how much I appreciate all the cool dinners she’s made for me, so instead of the easy-to-prepare stir-fry, I thought I’d try cooking something more […]

he almost cooks…

Kel’s deep disappointment with my knife-wielding skills – combined with a offer too good to refuse (50% off!) – allowed me to extend my birthday still further, and head along (last night) to a cooking course being held over in Glebe. Knowing that I had until 6:30pm to get to that part of Glebe that […]