scrambled eggs wrapped in smoked salmon

Much easier than it looks; the photo in delicious magazine was pretty appealing, so I thought I’d surprise kel with a cooked breakfast. A quick trip to the shops, and I was ready to put this together: the scrambled eggs inside the salmon are cooked with a little bit of butter, and some chives. The original recipe was trying to pass this off as a dinner, by adding a side salad, but I think it works better as a breakfast.

Must have been a good idea, because kel has now found all the delicious magazines in the house, and placed them where I can easily find them.

Caution: if you haven’t been shopping for a while, and are expecting that smoked salmon will be inexpensive, you have a nasty shock in store: still – it was cheaper to make this than to buy a cafe breakfast (and I made a couple of bowl lattes to go with it too.)

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  1. Aren’t you a good husband I’m sure Kellie is very lucky to have you see even you surprises too

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