dinner for chan

dinner for three

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Every time I cook, I seem to forget something. This time, there were two things – check the quantities before you put the ingredients together, and work out how long the different vegetables will take to cook, so that you can steam them appropriately. This means thinking about how small you’ve cut them, as well as how crunchy they are when raw.

All the same, it seemed to go quite smoothly, and Chan seemed to enjoy dinner. I was happy that I cooked the fish all the way through without leaving too much of it stuck to the frying pan.

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  1. it looks pretty good to me. When is it my turn?. I can only say you will get better every time you try. 10/10 for trying and to think of trying. You can be chef in my kitchen anytime

  2. you’re a retard. i said it was great – “ling ling” ‘hello, who’s there?’

    i had a great night 🙂

  3. Call Ian, he taught me how to cook. It has taken me close to 5 years to get the timing right on veges. Talk to the Kabaara’s about my timing and quantities with rice!!! K xo

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