cooking chicken with white wine

Last night I managed to put dinner together: mostly with what I could forage from the fridge. The tough part was working out how to cook the chicken: here’s what I tried, for future reference (I’ll leave out the bit where I didn’t steam the vegetables long enough, because they were more of an afterthought than part of the whole meal-plan).

Heat up a frying pan (this is probably the main stove-top cooking implement we use at home): spray a little olive oil onto it. Finely chop some onion and garlic, and add it to the pan, along with some ground up chili and black pepper.

Cook on a low heat, stir occasionally to stop the onion from sticking to the pan and burning. Slice up some chicken breast into pieces that will cook through in a reasonable period of time: about 1.5cm thick and somewhere around 5cm by 2cm seems to work: this is part of the experimentation.

Cook the chicken in amongst the onion and garlic until it turns white on one side, then turn it over until the rest of it turns white: this ensures that it will be thoroughly cooked.

Add some white wine (about half a cup for 500g chicken), simmer until most of the liquid has evaporated: this will thicken up the onion / garlic and also help flavour the chicken. Add some slivered almmonds for extra crunch if you like.

Serve with undercooked steamed vegetables (or, if you’ve worked out timings a little better, with correctly cooked steamed vegetables).

Total cooking time: about 15 minutes on a low heat.

What’s your favourite way to cook chicken?

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  1. chicken breast, spread with pesto (sun dried tomato is good, but whatever type is in the fridge will do), put a slice or 2 of parmesan on top, wrap with prosciutto and bake at 180 c. 20min. serve with salad or vegies. yum and low effort (its what we’re having for dinner)

  2. Garlic, onion,honey, mustard and light cream ( oh go on – u know it makes you feel less guilty ) is a wonderful combination for chicken and for me they are things that are always in the fridge.
    Head onion and garlic in pan add chicken to brown. add mustard and honey stiring to combine and then add cream. bring to the boil then simmer until chicken is cooked. serve on rice with some sugar snap peas.

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