he cooks lesson one

he cooks - lesson one
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With the the failed attempt a distant memory, I arrived at lesson one of the cooking school midway through the safety talk, and was promptly offered a (light) beer: this is clearly a cooking school that understands its target market.

Why was I running late for something I’d had a month’s notice for? Well, when you’re engrossed in a book, and the tram doors silently open, and you’re not sure how many stops between the Fish Markets and Glebe station, it’s best to run out the tram doors, and ask questions later.

Or so I thought.

As it turns out, there are two stops between the Fish Markets and Glebe station. Don’t make that mistake if you’re ever in my shoes.

Anyway, the cooking lesson. As an introductory lesson, it was mostly being shown how to cook, and then, once you’re convinced that you can give this a go, you’re unleashed on a main course.

First, a dessert is demonstrated by a guy who has been a chef for ten years, but is still really approachable, and always spouting useful information about cooking. Few people ask questions: most watch mutely.

With the dessert (warm chocolate tart) in the oven cooking away (the slower the better), we watch the entree being assembled. Penne pasta with pesto; all freshly made, and a fast dish to put together. A few myths of pasta cooking dispensed with, and the entree was served – probably the best penne with pesto I’ve ever had – each piece of pasta beautifully covered with the sauce. Two different wines were served with this, and comprehensive tasting notes were delivered by Ben – the owner of the cooking school.

With the entree consumed, it was time to learn how to make the main course (see photo) – after watching it be created, we split into groups and made it, and it turned out really well! Into the dining room to eat, again with a matching wine, and then back to the kitchen to wash up – even the washing up went pretty quickly and easily.

Finally, dessert was served, this time with coffee, and we didn’t have to wash up the final course, but were given our binders, filled in the feedback forms, and headed off into the night.

The following night, I attended lesson six, but that’s for another post.

All that’s left is to be at home long enough to cook kel something!

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  1. The scallops look great, what ingredients do you need us to have on hand next Saturday night?

  2. For every two people (3 per serve, although if we’re hungry, a couple extra wouldn’t hurt)

    6 scallops in half shell,
    a fresh chilli (medium size),
    1 lime (zest & juice),
    2 sprigs coriander,
    50 ml good olive oil,

    Mortar and Pestle, Mixing bowl, Spoon

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