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It’s taken me years to get around to this, but we finally have a pantry whose organisation makes sense to both myself and my wife. And in the end, it was a matter of thinking about what little I know about cooking, and working out how to group everything together so that the most used things are the easiest to reach (rather than stacking everything by “what fits” or “what looks like it goes there”)

I’ve ended up with “oils”, “spreads” (and behind them “cans”), then “sauces”, “kel’s weird baking stuff”, “junk food”, and “pastas and rice”.

How would you split up your pantry if you had six shelves?

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  1. And how long did you guys spend thinking about this???

    Thinking about ours, it looks something like this:

    Bottom shelf: Juices and soy milk

    Next one up: More soy milk, washing detergent, toaster in storage, some tupperware.

    Next one up: Rice (though, as we buy our rice in 25 kg bags, the majority of it stays outside the pantry), cans, some sauces (non fridge), spreads.

    Next one up: pasta, medicines, sugar, muesli, some old stuff that Ben just chucked out.

    Top shelf: corn thins, vegie chips, cookies, 2 min noodles, other miscellaneous junk food.

    The oils live under the sink close to where I need to use them.

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