why i go to the gym

This is more for my own reference when I don’t feel like going, or don’t make time for it, but you may find it helpful if – like me – you find it hard to motivate yourself to take that perilous journey towards the automatic doors at the gym.

  • Feel better for a couple of hours, starting immediately afterwards
  • Feel worse and better all at once while at the gym
  • Be healthier, more alert with less caffeine
  • Lose some weight and hence lower my blood pressure
  • Be stronger and more flexible, like I was when I was still young – so long ago!
  • Reduce my general sense of stress and busy-ness
  • Have some time out to listen to music (or sermons)

This is quite different from my original goal with the gym – being able to eat junk-food while not gaining weight. Ah, how times have changed.

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  1. Nothing is as easy as it seems or the short cuts we think we can take at first makes you wonder why you have to, but in the end all becomes a little clearer with a better result than you could have imagined. Keep it up. It can only get better.

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