Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Thanks to kel’s generous suggestion, I managed to cash in my second last Christmas-present movie money and sit next to her as we both laughed and smiled our way through this dark, but mostly kid-friendly comedy. Having watched the Gene Wilder version on television the night before, I was expecting a movie more similar than the one that Tim Burton has concocted. Instead, we’re left with two quite contrasting films.

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  1. I love that you see so many movies and provide a review on them! I have been waiting for this movie to come out, mostly because i enjoy watching Johnny Depp movies. However, the review in our local weekend paper gave me the impression that this was very clearly a kids movie so i was a bit put off. Not that i don’t enjoy kids movies, i do, but i was wanting to see a johnny depp movie, if that makes sense….kind of dark and quirky. So im glad to hear this is the case. We might go to the movies this weekend 🙂

  2. I thought it might have been, you really know how to make presents last a long time! Did Kel have to buy her own ticket? We saw the wedding crashers last week, it was pretty good, it gave us a few big laughs…

  3. I was ver impressed by the new version of the movie.

    what astounded me was how the movie was moved from being a journey for Charlie to a journey for Willy.

    I laughed my way right thru the movie (once again to my girlfriend’s disgust at just how loud and how often i laugh) i spent more than half the movie with my fist in my mouth!

    i thoroughly enjoyed the movie and look fwd to taking my kids to see it.

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