what’s your hot drink of choice?

When I’m leading a newly-formed discussion group, this is one of the questions that I always ask to try and get everyone talking: if the group meets for a while, I might even come back to it later with the hot drinks.

Let’s get a bit interactive this morning. What’s your hot drink of choice? Mine is a skim flat white (for the uninitiated, that’s an Australian modification of a latte where the ratio of milk to coffee is a little more in favour of the coffee – served in a cup rather than a glass: roughly 30ml espresso plus 200ml “frothed” skim milk), with no sugar.

If you don’t have one, you’ll need to get a free “Typekey” ID to post a comment, but that’s a pretty small amount of effort to participate in such a riveting discussion, no?

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  1. hey Dave,

    h8 2 put a foreign minister on this one but i dont drink anything hot! d closest i get is soup!

    i suppose dat is a hot liquid option, even then its not very often, i dont keep a “cup-o-soup” in my desk drawer, in fact i dont even have a tin of soup in my cupboard.

    when i go to gloria jeans, i go for a chocolate milkshake of some description!


  2. Yeah; that does happen from time to time: people don’t always drink hot beverages, but they can usually come up with something.

    Kel and I recently bought someone a tin of milo because they couldn’t name a hot drink they enjoyed.

  3. I’m with Mat on this one – very rarely do I go for a hot drink (as Dave well knows). If I do, it’s inevitably a hot chocolate.

  4. ok Dave i’ll play. In the morning, if i can sit in a cafe, my hot drink of choice is skim latte 2 sugars – i like the glass. If i can’t sit in then i get a take away skim flat white, 2 sugars. Then during the day it is tea with milk, no sugar – sometimes caramel, somethimes just black and every now and then chai latte.

  5. actually i think there has been a fundamental change in drinking habits in the last 2 generations. my grandmother has hounded me for years saying that i need to learn to drink coffee or tea cos it polite. when you go to someones house you need to be able to graciously accept a cup of tea or coffee.

    im actually finding more and more that im not the only one that doesnt. there are plenty of ppl out there now that dont drink anything hot.

    what happened?


  6. Is hot drink of choice the same as favourite? The hot drink I drink most often would have to be black coffee. My favourite hot drink if I could get it would be the syrupy, rich italian hot chocolate I had in David’s town Fondi. Close second would be Gluehwein, but i don’t make it that often because of the calories.

  7. I’m a bit like michelle at this point in terms of different drinks for different situations. normally a white tea, no sugar. then there is my favourite, skim chai latte. then there is my old faithful, skim hot chocolate (hellooooo lindt shop in martin place) and then there is the lazy cafe breakfast where it’s easy to have 2 or 3 skim lattes – provided the beans are fresh and the barista knows what they are doing.

  8. I guess to some extent the notion of drinking a hot drink is more a British thing than something suited to the Aussie climate.

    There’s something more social, though, about a hot drink: cold drinks are more functional (thirst-quenching, for the most part), while a hot drink allows the drinker to focus on what’s happening around them.

  9. Don’t really have a favourite hot drink, recently i’ve been drinking a lot more coffee (instant) due to exams but a good cup of English Breakfast is great while watching MASH in the afternoon.

    Dave you make a good coffee.

  10. Well, if I have to got to a cafe and I have to have a hot drink, I’ll alternate between a decaf latte (Dave probably won’t allow this post because I used the evil “D” word) or a hot chocolate. But I’m not entirely rapturous about either.

    The hot beverage that I am keen to drink is probably the cup-a-soups I keep on my desk at work.

  11. I have found a new favourite drink. we were in katoomba on sunday for breakfast and a driving lesson (no, I wasn’t teaching cafedave how to drive – he knows how to – mostly). we stopped in at the elephant bean cafe for breakfast, it was the reason we went to mountains.

    my brother-in-law ordered this hot chocolate but it had cinnamon, vanilla and almonds in it. an odd taste if you’re not used to it. fortunately being a chai fan had me sorted so when he passed on it, it went my way.

    it’s nearly all my favourite things in one cup, spicy with hot chocolate. cafedave says sleep is still one of my favourite things and you can’t put sleep in a cup, but if you could put it in that one…

  12. Sorry i’m a bit late….Gloria Jeans White Chocolate Mocca, as big as they come 🙂 OR if I was still in Darwin, a little coffee shop down at Cullen Bay used to serve a ‘bucket’, and it was about the size of an ice cream container!! Brilliant to combat the amount of alcohol you need to drink to survive in the NT 🙂

  13. Mmm … many hot and cold drinks are my drinks of choice … and now I do think a beer can be about the people and environment.
    Hot drinks though – mmm … one of the cafes I frequent would tell you “latte with two sugars”, another would tell you “dairy chai”, my housemate would tell you a cup of tea and another cafe would tell you hot chocolate (or is that just ’cause you get marshmellows with it?).

  14. Hi CafeDave, thought I should drop a line to say thanks. I own the Elephant Bean Cafe in Katoomba and have been quite stoked to see us pop up on your website every now and again. Even a photo! So thank you, it’s been great to read the feedback. – James

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