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  1. I’m working on a Mac version – hope to have it out soon. Sorry you found it fiddly, although I’m not exactly sure what that means. It’s hard not to stray that way with 81 squares and 729 possible values. I tried to make it intuitive and still allow for varying styles of play.

    Dave Dobson

  2. Dave,
    thanks for replying – I should be more specific. I found that to select a number/snood character to place in a square was counter-intuitive: you have to hit a modifier key and click: I actually had to look this up in the help, which I couldn’t seem to access mid-game.

    I would have prefered for the grid that appears to have two separate behaviours: single-click to toggle highlighted or not, and double-click to select the particular number / snood character.

    I’ve had so many happy memories of Snood over the years that I guess I was expecting Snooduku to be as intuitive off-the-bat, even though, as you rightly point out, the interface for a Soduku puzzle has to be more complex than aim/fire.

  3. The Mac version is ready – see“ rel=”nofollow”> and click on the Mac version image at the left.

    Double-clicking is notoriously personally tweaked and easily misinterpreted by software. Since I penalize mistakes so much, I didn’t want there to be any doubt when you were making a decision about a square.

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