orientation day

The strangest time in any course of study is the gap between deciding to do the course, and starting to study. Yesterday was student orientation day at the PTC.

Now, i’m even more keen for classes to start.. I understand how to use the library, what subjects make up which degrees, all that is missing is to start the course.

Was it worth going to O-day? I think so:

One highlight was the welcome speech from (Rev) Robert Benn, who said that he was in our position (about to start college) 45 years ago, which is hard to imagine. It was good to remember that a theological education is more about God, and having a relationship with Him, than merely cramming more facts.

Another frequently recurring topic was the community life while at college: I hadn’t thought about it much, but it’s a unique time of life; enrolled at college with other christians: just chatting at lunch I met a couple of moore college grads and some other part-timers like myself.

Once studying begins, it’s a different experience again: the deadlines, the tiredness, the sense of having a full brain: i’m savouring this anticipation as long as I can.

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