valentine’s day

For those of you keeping track of such things: Valentine’s day, I gave kel a card (with the secret aim of getting her a present when she least expects it), and kel gave me a popcorn popping machine, for roasting coffee beans in. Tomorrow, I’m going to grab some green beans, and start experimenting with home coffee roasting.

Am I a bad husband, leaving kel at home with a card and going to college when the rest of the world is spending a fortune on roses and other things?

I think the train trip home says it all; not the lady with the box that was at least 3 feet high, nor the numerous commuters nursing large boxes of flowers: I’m talking about the couple in their very early twenties: still in the early throes of dating: she had a big basket of roses, and he had a wooden box with roses, a bottle of pink sparkling wine, and other assorted trinkets… he said that he kind of liked the idea of a basket… she said it wasn’t masculine enough… he grudgingly admitted that he didn’t actually need a valentine’s day present… she awkwardly explained that she really wanted to get it for him… she adds that he can buy a basket of flowers to give to his mother…

Where does it all end?

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  1. I thought I should jump in at this point and say that no, cafedave is not a bad husband. the card was excellent and unexpected. and going to college is excellent (but somewhat expected)

    we don’t normally celebrate V day but I needed a good reason to give him the machine, otherwise he’ll start to expect random presents…

    that was the logic.

  2. ahhh,

    Valentines day,

    the day that many sigle lonely ppl cant hide and are made to feel even worse about themselves when in actual fact they are probably a whole lot happier than many ppl who have someone…

    ironically this comes from someone who chose to watch the rest of dirty dancing with girlfriend asleep on couch next to him.


    ps wasnt it before the fall that God said “it is not good for man to be alone”

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