so many cafes, so little time

Astute readers will have noticed the change in focus of the blog from, well, all kinds of things, to mostly reviews of cafes. This is intended to be a short diversion rather than a permanent change.

I’m trying to accomplish a few things with these cafe reviews: let me know if there are other things you’re curious about.

  1. Get some use out of my cameraphone, now that I have one
  2. Try and better understand the appeal of a cafe by visiting a lot of them, and considering the different factors that make up the cafe experience
  3. Build up a better understanding of the flavours and presentation of coffee
  4. Have the site better reflect its domain name
  5. Wander from my comfort zone of cafes in the hope of finding some (good) new ones.
  6. Remember more of the places I’ve been

An unexpected side affect of trying to visit different cafes is the loss: there’s something pleasant about being recognised by the barista, about not having to verbalise your coffee order. By going to a different place every time, there’s a sense of lost routine which is unsettling: it’s a little like always being in a new town. Has anyone else experienced that?

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  1. Haven’t experienced that problem Dave – mainly because I go to so few cafes. I find SO many an utter disappointment.
    Choosing my own beans and roasting them here means that I can get fine, really fresh coffee right where I live and work.
    The only cafe I ‘frequent’ (3-4 time a year) roasts his own, but not really to my taste.
    I like the idea of the ‘cafe culture’ but (mostly) not the actual coffee experience.

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