The penny royal, mosman

Campos coffee. Galley style café: long, narrow space. Basic, but well presented menu options. They care about the coffee; freshly ground for the shot, from a vintage looking la marzocco espresso machine as you’d expect from mosman, the prices are a little high, but great use of space: a good hiding spot from the rain.

The coffee is on par with that of campos in newtown: the right mix of coffee strength and milkiness, not bitter, and a drinkable temperature.

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  1. Dave, what good is it me hearing about these good coffees if i can’t go there? Maybe when you go to these places, you need to ask a few questions re opening hours and include these details in your review so i don’t get my hopes up…… Im sure Campos will be just as good šŸ™‚

  2. Sorry; I had forgotten that you might be interested in visiting mosman on the weekend: from memory, the suburb shuts down by-and-large.

    It’s not easy to find the opening hours of some places, though!

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