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While it’s true in some sense that writing an essay is like riding a bike, I wasn’t prepared for how different it is to write a theological essay (compared to writing a multimedia essay). There are a lot more sources to wrap your head around, more complex arguments to keep track of: the outline that I’d put together for a 2000 word essay turned out to be too short: only about 1300 words.

Learning the rules of submitting documents to a new institution is also an interesting one: particular coversheets to fill in, a summary to be written – even for a 2000 word essay – two copies to be filed.

And the sense of relief when submitting the essay; despite the lack of sleep the night before, somehow my brain was still ticking over, and I managed to pay attention in class the day of submission.

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  1. She reads at 11.30pm, while writing a 4000 word theological essay on the theological ideas of Job’s friends … will I stay awake in class tmw? It’s going to be a long night!

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