The croydon café, croydon

Mocha coffee. As close as a shop can get to croydon station, this café has indoor seating for about 15, and outdoor seating, in front, and in a courtyard for another twenty or so.

The only café i’ve ever seen with a surcharge for weekends, the staff are friendly, water is free, but self-serve, and the courtyard is a pleasant spot indeed: lots of shade, but there’s still plenty of sunlight.

Coffee takes a while to arrive, as the morning rush is on: somewhere around ten minutes for an “eat-in” coffee this partifcular morning. When it arrives, it’s a good drinking temperature, but the blend is a fairly down-market one, it seems: my latte perhaps would have been better as a turkish coffee. On a good day, this could have the taste of a grinders coffee.

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