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This morning, very early, I had my first ever session at a running clinic. Why? I really like running, but I keep trying it, and then getting injured. I’ve been told that this is likely due to poor running technique, the price was right, and so on my day-at-college, I head over the bridge for an early-morning running session.

I knew I was paying attention to the running when I realised that I’d missed the entire sunrise: I looked up, and the oval we were running around was illuminated by full daylight!

It’s probably too early to tell much, but there are certainly a few things that I can improve in my running: lean forward, which part of the foot should be striking the ground, avoid breathing just from the top of the chest. The main problem, though, is that I spend too much of my life sitting down, and I can’t see many options to change that.

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  1. Hopefully the new technique should minimise the injury factor. We’ll have to do the bay run later on.

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