bluishorange is back with an anti-consumerism rant: there’s some wisdom here:

why should i do anything when there are shows to be watched and products to be purchased? i can’t go out because veronica mars is on, i can’t write because somewhere on ebay there’s the perfect pair of vintage black boots.

i don’t do these things because i want to; i do them because they’re easier. it’s easier to spend two hours vegetating or shopping than it is to spend them thinking or talking or writing about the things i don’t want to think or talk about.

Are people finding it easier to spend time on the internet than engaging with the big ideas – or even engaging with each other?

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  1. Definitely. I was just thinking tonight that rather than engage my mind to the point of headaches, it’d be much easier to sit in front of the telly with the cricket on and a beer in hand – so much more appealing!.

  2. time on the inernet? i had to stop playing minesweeper the other night because i was getting wrist cramps, not because i was bored… we are never more creative than in finding ways to avoid doing the right thing…

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