tiny window

Let’s say you do something wrong in a relationship. You know it’s wrong, and the other person knows it’s wrong, but they let you get away with it. It’s wrong, but it benefits you somehow, at the cost of the other person.

There’s now a tiny window where this wrong thing is just a wrong thing: if you miss this gap, it will become a habit, and soon, it will be part of the relationship, and it will be a massive struggle to fix it.

Are you in the middle of a tiny window right now? Maybe you should apologize, and close that window.

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  1. i think i know what you mean. i don’t ask forgiveness enough, although i think i’ve got saying sorry and feeling guilty down pat!

    i recently had cause to apologise and ask forgiveness of a good friend, and i’m glad i did because i think we’re both at a better place because of restoring that relationship.

    i hope God will give anyone else in a similarly tiny window the courage to speak up and seek to restore that relationship

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