a taste of childhood

As I took my first bite of lunch today, I was suddenly swept back to primary school. Two to three days a week (depending on when Sunday’s lamb roast ran out), I would have a roast-lamb, lettuce and tomato sauce sandwich on brown bread. I’d take the sandwich out of my Decor Duo lunchbox – the one with the freezable drink bottle full of orange cordial – unwrap the greaseproof paper, and that would be lunch.

Does anyone else have a particular sandwich that could take them back to childhood?

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  1. Not so much me, but there was a girl in my Kindy class called Emma who ALWAYS had a cheese sandwich. Funnily, she went to uni with a couple of my friends (from a different school) and I met up with her all those years later. She didn’t remember the cheese sandwiches. Mine were ham by the way. K 🙂

  2. yep – ham sandwiches on white bread which I do still have occasinally. Also peanut butter and honey from my own boarding school days and boarding school making lunches made me HATE egg sandwiches!

  3. I’m still eating those… I had one today, minus the tomato sauce and lettuce and add tomato and cucumber. Isn’t it a Monday night roast?

  4. My school lunches throughout primary school were certainly … memorable. I will never be able to look at a mouldy piece of brown bread the same way again. It would normally be loaded up with oily margarine and vegemite / peanut butter / hard cheese, hacked in two, and slapped in some greaseproof paper. If we were lucky, it was chunks of cheap devon, drowned in tomato sauce and oily margarine – this was usually nicely warm by lunchtime, with just the slightest hint rancidity (is that a word?) starting to make its presence felt. Nice. Ah, sweet memories.

  5. Liverwurst sandwiches were the worst. It took 6 months to get rid of the aftertaste & if you left it in your bag over the weekend, your whole bag would stink. The ingredients of liverwurst is still a mystery and is only rivalled by fish paste or Spam (not ham) sandwiches.

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