Book: The New Puritans

Book: The New Puritans: The Rise of Fundamentalism in the Anglican Church

Dr Muriel Porter has written a work that I found hard to read; there are moments where the logic of her argument seems lacking, and it was just a case of putting forth opinions without explaining them.

At other times, there are some historical points that I’d never considered, and it’s a book that does provide a history of the Anglican Church in Sydney, albeit a heavily biassed one.

If you would like to better understand the viewpoint of one person who is hostile to the Sydney Anglican approach to women’s ordination, and other teaching, this book certainly
provides that opportunity.

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  1. Heh. I came across this book a few weeks ago and had a very similar reaction. I only skimmed it – to be honest it looked like it would be a waste of time to read. I don’t recall seeing any arguments based on scripture supporting her various positions.

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