Bacio, QVB, Sydney

Bacio Coffee. The Queen Victoria Building is bound by George, Market, York and Druitt Streets. At QVB prices, you would expect table service, but this café is order-and-pay-at-counter. Somehow, we convince the waitress to take our order, but the regular customers seem to have accepted this rule.

Good range of breakfast choices, seating is in the middle of the QVB ground floor walkway, so there’s lots of space, and plenty to look at.

Hot coffee, a bit too thick on the froth, but easy drinking. Not a heart-starter, more a mellow afternoon coffee.

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  1. Was regular customer at Bacio until yest.

    Asked for ‘hot coffee’. Got mildly warm one. Ignored by waitress. My request for another coffee was accompanied by rude, arrogant comments from male staff member. He reluctantly made another
    coffee – boiling hot! Milk burned. Vindictive smile all over his face
    when he commented “You asked for it VERY HOT!”

    Another, pleasant female staff member said apologetically, ” He’s the ‘boss’ son.

    Well the boss’ son should drop the arrogant, I-can-do-as-I-please attitude, otherwise business will suffer even more.

  2. Thats absolutely terrible, but as a regular customer there I am pleased to say that he is no longer there

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