Ripples, Milsons Point

Karmee coffee. North Sydney Olympic Pool, Olympic Drive, Milsons Point. Immediate views of the Sydney Opera House, and the underneath of the Harbour Bridge: to order a takeaway coffee is to stand at the “please wait to be seated” sign, and a polite, formal, yet friendly waiter is business casual attire takes the order and the money.

A gentle breeze takes the heat out of a summer’s day, and the diners enjoy the benefit of big umbrellas. There are seats and – for those on the outside of the tables, cushions on a sandstone wall. The food is strictly restaurant-grade: mains are mostly in the upper twenties, even at lunch!

Coffee is neither fast nor particularly slow in its arrival, a little thin, fairly strong, but for some reason the flavour doesn’t leap out at me: it’s not an unpleasant cup, but not an immediate favourite.

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