preaching on jonah

This might give you an insight into my sermon writing: here’s an intro that didn’t make the cut, for my sermon on Jonah 1-2.

A few weeks back, the Herald ran a story about “Surf and Turf”. This is the kind of meal where you combine some type of seafood with meat: my first memory of surf and turf is a dish that combined prawns with steak. The article went on to describe the difficulties in combining the two: the seafood will tend to drive the price of the dish up too high, combining the textures is difficult, and yet, it’s an old classic that people keep returning to.

The story of Jonah is another example of surf and turf. You have the seafood – the great fish, and the beef – when Nineveh repents, even the cattle join in – and it’s an old favourite: as far as we can tell, Jonah lived around 700 years before Jesus was born, but he talks about Jonah, and we’re looking at it tonight.

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  1. I’m still waiting for feedback from some people, but it seemed to go well; longer than I thought it would go for, but I think everyone stayed with me. Thanks for checking!

  2. Hey

    Surf and turf…. hmm… I have actually never heard that.

    Hope the sermon went well.

    I have preached several times and I find that if anything, they’re not long enough.

    Nice blog Dave

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