Book: The Tinderbox Way

Book: The Tinderbox Way by Mark Bernstein.

Tinderbox is a hard-to-describe program that was the main catalyst keeping me on the Mac platform. It’s a tool for notes that lets your organise, import and export them in many different ways. The biggest problem with the software, though, is that its flexibility leaves people wondering how to start, and what to do with the program. Tinderbox author Mark Bernstein has written a book that explains both how to use Tinderbox, and more importantly, a possible philosophy behind its use.

The book covers topics like “Why would I want to take or keep notes?”, and “What use is there in searching my notes for patterns?”. If you’re a user of the software, this is an essential read. If not, there are a number of segments that are of interest anyway – Bernstein has been involved in the hypertext community for a long time, and his insights on blogging and hypertext are well worth close consideration.

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