book: The Leadership Pill

book: The Leadership Pill: The Missing Ingredient in Motivating People Today

Saw this in the "new books" section of the library, and proceeded to read the whole thing while standing up at the library. As with most of these books, there’s not a lot of words: this one felt (more than most) like an annotated powerpoint presentation.

As with most business books I’ve read, there are suitably generic scenarios, a diverse range of people who are slowly won over to the arguments contained in the book, and a happy ending for those who follow the formula that the book is peddling. For once, at least, a timeframe greater than a few minutes is used in applying the lessons: to change the culture of an organisation will take some time.

Certainly its message of trusting your employees, mentoring them, and giving them praise when it’s deserved is a noble one, but there doesn’t seem to be anything new or even readily applicable here.

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