Movie: The Good Shepherd

Movie: The Good Shepherd

When De Niro directs a film, it’s usually worth a viewing, and this one is certainly no exception to that. Sure, the film lacks something in plot. Mostly a story about self-sacrifice for the greater good, this is largely a study of Matt Damon’s acting abilities, and they’re certainly on the rise.

Not without its flaws: Angelina Jolie is almost certainly mis-cast here: her performance is fine, but this just isn’t a role that makes sense for her. The other cast members do a great job, and violence is used with a good amount of restraint, given the subject matter.

If you’re a fan of De Niro’s directing, make sure you see it; otherwise, perhaps wait until it comes out on DVD.

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  1. hey george, good to hear from you!

    it was certainly far from a positive story about how to run a family (and wasn’t the contrast between the family activities for show versus the real family life chilling)?

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