ministry formations – week two

The other subject we had this week was ministry formations. There are two parts to it: one on biblical theology – this week, we looked at the history of biblical theology. The second half is more about the individual student; its framing idea is what you do flows out of who you are. This will be a unique subject, I suspect: it’s the one that had a couple of henri nouwen books as its texts.

This subject brings me a combination of eager anticipation and dread (I know, an unusual combination). I’m looking forward to learning more about the mystical / spiritual side of evangelical Christianity (more prayer, less book-learning), but it’s the putting it into practice that makes me anxious. I like the book-learning side of things.

There’s also the matter of keeping a journal: there’s not much introspection in my life at the moment, and I don’t remember complaining about that to anyone. Still, I’ve signed up for the subject now, so there’s no point in arguing about it!

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  1. i’m looking forward to reading more posts as you think through this subject. not a subject i could audit, i think… i’d really need to be doing the homework!

  2. The starting point has been the reading: there are seven books in the bibliography, and instead of just reading one and reviewing it, I’m trying to read the lot. I’m enjoying having college actually help to improve my spiritual life: that isn’t always the case with some subjects!

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