the dangers of habit-breaking

One of the habits I have with movie watching is to check my phone as soon as the movie is over. This is the kind of habit that has been – in the past – ridiculed by stand-up comedians: the thought that it’s fairly self-important to think that during the past two hours, something so critical has arisen that it needs your immediate attention.

Perhaps I was swept up in the film, or enjoying a brief post-movie conversation with a friend, but this time, I failed to follow through with this habit. Instead, I jumped straight on a train – aiming to head directly home and see kel.

It wasn’t until after the last train station where returning to the city was an option that I checked my phone. Imagine my surprise to see two messages from kel saying – you guessed it – that she was still in the city, having dinner with friends, and did we want to catch the train home together?

So my heading home to get an early night became a heading home to get the car, and – despite her protests that it was unnecessary – driving into the city to pick her up.

The moral: don’t spontaneously change your habits unless you check first.

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  1. Believe me – it gets even worse when you have kids & they’re in pre-skool or primary skool. When you see that number as a missed call on your fone, your heart just races. The same way your heart races when you realise get a Greek revision test in class without being told your having one. Enjoy

  2. Not sure if I like the moral of the story (I think it’s flawed) but we get the idea, and well, frankly, we’ve all done it at some stage… K 🙂

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