Book: Creative Ministry

Book: Creative Ministry

Another week, another Henri Nouwen book. This one is less personal, but still has the mark of a learned author trying to challenge the way that ministry is put into practice. Nouwen contrasts the current way of ministering – being a professional in the way that you blend psychology with management skills, teaching and prayer – with a method that involves more personal vulnerability.

I’ve tried to put this into practice so far: I read a quote from the book about the notion of celebrating as part of being in church. The book talks about a church leader being a man of prayer, and I pointed out the discrepancy between that description, and where I see myself at the moment (a long way short of that).

For reference: the chapters are: Teaching – beyond the transference of knowledge, Preaching – beyond the retelling of the story, Individual Pastoral Care – beyond the skillful response, Organizing – beyond the manipulation of structures, Celebrating – beyond the protective ritual,
Conclusion / Epilogue.

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