Café Zink, Cronulla

Grinders (giancarlo) coffee. Opposite rydges, closer to the beach.lots of natural light, tiles floor, casual furniture with blue and white the dominant colours, with a broad mix of ages from 5-50. Licenced: not sure what the mood would be here at night, but in the morning, there’s some triple-j music playing just loud enough to blur the conversation at other tables. If you time your arrival right, you would have a reasonable view of the ocean from your table.

Coffee seems a little slow: though there are four staff, the one stationed permanently on the coffee machine seems to move a little slowly filling the orders. On the plus side, I can hear the grinder working for each shot.

Coffee is hot (but not too hot):and thick: well foamed. Better than I was bracing myself for. At first taste, there’s some bitterness, but the aftertaste is good.

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