Greek chapter 5

Adjectives: so easy it’s barely worth teaching, according to the lecturer. Doesn’t quite match up with my experience, but at least some of the word endings must be starting to stick. It seems I’ll have to spend some more time each day revising.

Indeed, later in the lecture, it’s suggested that spending two hours a day on greek would be a good idea, instead of the one that we’re currently to be spending. The amount of work I’ve been trying to do in other areas hasn’t yet yielded to that much greek, but I’m aiming to increase the time spent on learning vocabulary.

It seems that there are two aspects of Greek: the memory work of learning the vocabulary (another 18 adjectives, and a handful of other words for this week), and the mental effort of learning the various rules. When I’m driving by myself, I listen to the audio CD of the vocab, but I need to spend some more quality time with pads of paper learning the declensions and word endings.

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  1. i’ve started transferring the chapter seven vocab to the fridge in whiteboard marker.

    I tried some exercises yesterday, and it’s surprising how rusty I’m starting to get… hoping to be back on top of it soon.

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