Greek continues: more adjectives and the verb to be

A quick view from the front of the classroom this time. This week we went back over the contents of chapter five – adjectives and the verb to be. We then moved into the more daunting territory of chapter six – tenses. It turns out that the reason we have been covering verbs in a particular way – the first half, or lexical morpheme, and the ending – is so that when a word goes into a different tense, there are even more endings, and even prefaces.

The high point this week has been spending some time revising the older work: another hour or two revising the declensions, and I think I’ll have them down – shame that puts me two to three weeks off the pace!

Oh, and there’s a one hour test the day between when we settle on the house, and when we move. It doesn’t rain but it pours.

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