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The stage before the show. A very quick-thinking comic, crass at times, but usually in a good-natured way, Ross Noble manages to take being distracted on a tangent to new artistic heights.

The only time I felt particularly uncomfortable during the show was the lengthy rants on the folly of believing in religions, and Christianity in particular (though he didn’t seem to make much of a distinction between Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses) – and the crowd in general seemed to share his opinion.

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  1. I had me a ticket to that show as it came by here, but I gave it away to go to my little sister’s birthday party instead. First time I’ve missed a Ross Noble tour in four years! He’s great.

  2. I just read your Ross Noble review. I came across via a Google search. I wonder if there’s something in his background to make him appear to be so vehemently anti-religious, particularly anti-Christianity? I went to see Fizzy Logic last night in Melbourne, and I estimate that one hour of his routine was spent bagging out Christianity, and it seemed as though most of the audience laughed and applauded in agreement with what he said.

  3. Hi Ross,

    Welcome to my blog. The crowd reaction has certainly been a talking point amongst friends for a little while: it’s made me think about the general perception of Christians that people have in Sydney (and I guess in Australian capital cities from what you’re saying).

    I guess he’s skewing his content toward what gets the laughs. Certainly he’s a Darwinist, which explains a lot of the monkey jokes, but I’m not sure if there’s anything particular in his background.

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