Book: Eat This Book

Book: Eat This Book: A Conversation in the Art of Spiritual Reading

Another Eugene H. Peterson – this one called out to me from the "new book" shelf in the library, and having already worked through a couple of his books, I thought this one would also be useful. Indeed it was.

Peterson spends one chapter late in the book talking about his experiences translating the Bible into the paraphrase – The Message, but the heart of the book is about how to read the Bible.

Spiritual Reading goes beyond – but doesn’t replace – the usual disciplines of reading, studying commentaries, understanding the original language. The bible becomes a book that the reader surrounds themself in, and ultimately lives. The principles of Lectio Divina are discussed at some length.

Worth a read to help broaden your horizons as to what’s possible in Bible reading.

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  1. Lectio is both one of my norms of reading scripture now and also one of the ways my faith community does our ministry of the word time. I love it.

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