Café senso unico, burwood

Grinders coffee. 51 George St, Burwood. No discernable signage here, across the road from the EDS building, but this terrace house has been converted into a café with impressively fast service.

The coffee is ok: you can do much worse in burwood, but it’s away from the main street and traffic: a welcome repite from the crowded, overdeveloped centre of town. Prices are very reasonable, too: you can even get a takeaway coffee for $2!

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  1. $2 for a takeaway coffee… those were the days. I have noticed that once you’re away from the coffee-wars (ie CBDs etc) the price really goes up. In Gloucester/Taree/Forster a regular is around $3-$3.50. Worth keeping the coffee card at hand. K 🙂

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