Decaf long black with greek

Day four of drinking decaf coffee, and at least in the early part of the day the greek seems to be making sense. I’ve been persuaded to cut down on the caffeine for health purposes, but so far it seems to be having a negative effect.

Sorry if you’re a bit sick of the sight of this all-too-familiar textbook, despite its ever-changing surrounds, but it seems to be my constant companion at the moment.

I’m just getting to the stage with greek where the vocab and paradigms stretch out a little further than I can recall, and so time spent sitting down to do translation exercises is often interrupted with rote writing out of tables, hoping that things will sink in.

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  1. If it’s any encouragement, when I’ve cut down my caffeine intake in the past it has usually taken around 2 weeks to “detox” and feel normal again. It’s not unusual for me to feel quite sick for the first few days.

  2. Hmm.. maybe I won’t get back on the wagon this weekend. The trouble is, once I’ve detox-ed, I usually don’t like the way that I feel: I prefer to be caffeinated. Day five (today), though, is seeming a bit better.

  3. Persist with the detox – it will be worth it in the end. Consider the health benefits (easy for me to say cause I’ll be back on the caffeine the minute I finishe breastfeeding!!!!!! But I only have 2 cups a day max, anyway)

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