Greek chapter twelve; the third declension, caffeine-free

Yes, you can see a photo here of the greek textbook with my mug of lemon tea. After two cups of lemon tea, I realised it was really just a reflex to be getting a hot drink, and I started drinking water instead.

This week was the first time where I felt like the rest of the class was a little bit ahead of me on one of the concepts: not a great feeling, but I’m increasingly seeing that people pick up different concepts at different rates.

This week is the second last week of semester, and we’re spending the last two weeks learning the “third declension”. So far, we’ve been able to tell what kind of noun a word was by looking at the ending, and now – surprise, surprise – things get more complicated.

In the final hour, we learned two words (tis and tis) that differ only in the accent over the second letter. And of course, those words have 24 different forms (are you seeing a pattern developing with Greek and its 24 different ways of saying everything?) to learn. Somehow, though, these forms are increasingly making sense.

Not long now until the exam; for some reason, though, the exam feels like a temporary pause on the way to learning to read Greek, rather than something that will be incredibly difficult and stressful.

Having said that, I’m sure my opinion will change as we get closer to the exam time.

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