Book: The Power of One

Book: The Power of One
– Bryce Courtenay

The audiobook was free for download at the iTunes Music Store, so I grabbed it at the time; I’ve never read this book before, nor (despite listening to no small number of podcasts) listened to an audio book, and this one is a monster at somewhere around 20 hours, but nonetheless, it makes for a good read, er, listen.

This is the story of an English boy growing up in world war II South Africa, and how much he achieves. It’s quite an inspiring read, though he seems to have a lot of opportunities mixed in with the hardships. Doesn’t have much positive to say about Christianity, although the kinds of Christians portrayed in the book are very much 1-dimensional stereotypes.

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  1. the movie is good… stephen dorf is PK and has that south african accent going on… come to think of it – maybe you wouldnt like it quite as much as me 🙂

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