A touch of frost

Here’s a tip I learned this morning: when the windscreen is completely frosted over, and you can’t see through it at all, pour some tepid water (even coldish water will do) on the windscreen: you’ll clear the ice without breaking the glass.

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  1. I think today was the first morning in as long as I can remember that I encountered serious frost on the car. Either that or I’ve been sleeping in too much. Did the windscreen washer thang and it didn’t work. Eep. Yay for Mr Demister.

  2. As of about 10 mins ago it was 1 degree here in Gloucester!!! Frost is a very regular event here too. K 🙂

  3. was it really frosted over? on our porch this morning, it was only 3 degrees… and in the kitchen it was only 10 degrees (and that’s with the heater and the stove on):|

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